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Did either of my parents paint?

A fun question via my Facebook page. Wilma Kanatzar asked “Was your father an artist by any means? Or your mother?”

In answer to your question, both my parents loved the arts and associated with painters, actors, authors and poets in Chelsea, London after the war (WW2).

One of my Dad’s best mates from army days was Gerrad (Gerry) de Rose ex bomb disposal.

Gerry was to become a big influence in my life.

Gerry became head of painting at Maidstone College of Art and got me at the tender age of 16 a place there.
My Mum painted from about the age of 50.

After I started at art college she ‘nicked’ one of my studio easels and me a poor student!!!

Actually I was more than happy to watch her discovering how to paint and in later years was able to often give her materials and frames.

My parents retired from London to Carlyon Bay near St Austell, Cornwall were Mother in retirement eventually  gathered a reputation and following for flower pictures which she loved and sold for modest prices.
My Father painted some very original scenes after he retired for about 5 years until he became unwell.
From time to time some one contacts me regarding my mother’s painting, usually wanting verification or to sell.

My Father’s first efforts were when I was a young child.

I remember watching and listening fascinated as he explored  ‘painting by numbers’.

Aged 4, in particular I was struck by a painting he made of the “Cutty Sark”, I’d never seen anything like it
My Dad never sold.  His opinion was his pictures were worth more than anyone offered him.

I still have and treasure most of his collection so he was right.
I have no examples of my Mum’s work.
When my mother died my evil step brother and my sister who unbidden had been helping themselves to her money & making her life miserable made sure neither I or any of Mum’s friends got souvenirs or ‘keep sakes’.
Maybe one day I’ll buy back one of Mum’s flower pictures, always signed WA Frickers at their best they were very strong vibrant pictures.