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A good friend who lives in Paris sent me via Facebook a series of amusing artists illusions. You can see them on my Facebook page, become a friend, follow, share, enjoy. In turn that prompted me to show here, this painting, “Nelson’s Column“.  

"Nelson's Column", 11.00, Monday, 21 st October 1805
“Nelson’s Column”, 11.00, Monday, 21 st October 1805

Exhibitions, another ‘illusion’; it’s a pity I am offered so few worth while exhibitions, “Nelson’s Column”  is based upon unrepeatable studious research.

Nelson’s Column” measures 35 x 121 cms (14″ x 48″)
Nelson’s Column” was painted as one of a series while I was official artist to HMS Victory, to help raise funds for the restoration of this now unique and famous ship the only one of her type to survive to this day.  

"Nelson's Column", detail of HMS Victory. In the distance is HMS Africa.
“Nelson’s Column”, detail of HMS Victory. In the distance is HMS Africa.

The detail  above shows HMS Victory and in the far distance HMS Africa which became separated from Nelson’s fleet during the night so rejoined from the North to take part in the battle of Trafalgar.

You can discover the series and other ships of war on my web site page Marine gallery, warships.
This painting “Nelson’s Column” is owned by Victory 2005 Ltd who now offer the set for sale or this very special painting individually for £35,000.