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Slow ahead both

I like my paintings to look ‘painterly’, emotional, not architectural, gives more for your imagination, Discuss?  

The Sydney harbour tug 'Woona' (detail).
The Sydney harbour tug ‘Woona’ (detail).

Here I’m beginning to add fine details and generally refine, ” ‘Bamora‘ and ‘Canberra‘ at Sydney “.

Nearing completion, 'Bamora & Canberra at Sydney'
Nearing completion, ‘Bamora & Canberra at Sydney’

The major part of the creative process is complete.

Now to work up the find details, search for corrections and generally refine the painting.

The corrections for example will include changes to the Sydney harbour ferry.

Watch for her in the next post to see what I mean.

Working up details, unfinished, nearly there.
Working up details, unfinished, nearly there.

Those details will include completing the all important derricks, after all Bamora represents here the ‘B’ class so was one of the last generation of British General cargo ships.

As before, the first picture shows you were we left off, those that follow show the steady progress,

This painting will soon be complete and be available as a Heritage quality print, prices from £147.00 enjoy.