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Today I had yet another privilege on my Facebook page, I was joined with an ex submariner, one of a special breed of sailor. I have a great respect for all professional sailors, sub mariners are though a breed apart. I’ve painted a number of subs including HMS Dreadnought and shown here HMS Unique, the latter for the son of the man commanding her when she was lost with all hands in mysterious circumstances 1942 in the Bay of Biscay.

Moonlight Patrol, Bay of Biscay, HM Submarine Unique
Moonlight Patrol, Bay of Biscay, HM Submarine Unique

Recently while in Plymouth I had the privilege of a meeting with my friend Iain Ballantyne defense correspondent, editor of the some times controversial Warships International Fleet Review.

Iain Ballantyne is the author of the excellent read “Hunter Killers” ISBN 978-1-4091-4418-2.

In the not to distant future Iain and I will be co operating on illustrations for his next book also about submarines…

Back in 1999 I /we had a brilliant experience, an evening aboard the French sub Améthyste, Rubis class, a nuclear-powered attack sub when she visited Plymouth.

I met her Commandant  at the Royal Plymouth Corinthian Yacht Club, a club who’s habit it is to invite visiting officers and crew. The Commandant generously invited all the children and parents of the group of Optimist sailors I was coaching at that time for the Devon Schools Sailing Association and Royal Plymouth Corinthian Yacht Club.

We were royally entertained.

The children were allowed in the control room, used a periscope, were shown were the men lived and Exocet missiles. I fine buffet was laid out for us, we were all well fed and watered, the adults with fine wines.

Unfortunately I lost contact with her commander but then sub mariners are a silent service, vrai n’est pas?

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