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Linkedin or out?

About Linkedin?  A O-E of GF (3)

Having noticed some very interesting people * high profile people have viewed my profile but not contacted me I’ve re written my profile. I’ve also changed the photograph.

Incedentaly I’ve updated me CV/resumee today and the web site home page too.

Now I’m concerned, is it ‘good enough’, is there something important I’ve not done on Linkedin?
My profile now reads:
Gordon Frickers, artist, painter, seeks to entertain, inform and inspire. Often working to commission he has been the choice of many distinguished people and renowned companies.

“Our efforts with the painting were highly successful” ~ Sir Robin Knox-Johnston.

“Frickers paintings are marks of our achievements as a people” ~ Brian Simpson MEP

Specialties: Landscape and marine paintings,
• Exhibited 35 pictures by invitation at the European Parliament, Brussels May 2011.
• Roll of Honour 1996, City of Plymouth; “Outstanding Contribution to the City of Plymouth”.
• The only artist member of the British Marine Federation and SuperyachtUK.
• Uniquely commissioned to work for HMS Victory (1994 to 1998).

Renowned and popular paintings including:
“St Emilion Sunset”, “The Port of Chester”, “Roaring Forties”, “I have urgent dispatches”, “Trafalgar Dawn”, “Waterwitch”, “Spirit of Mystery”;

Gordon Frickers is a professionally trained artist thus versatile, capable of tackling almost any subject.
He speaks English & a version of passable French.

Current major projects:
1. “Picturesque Wine Villages of Bordeaux”. This artwork will exhibit well with products of the region so offers you profitable opportunities with a fascinating, fun subject. A full colour brochure supporting this project is available in English and French versions.
2. Researching Mayflower & the Pilgrims for 2020, a City of Plymouth perspective.

We recommend you www.frickers.co.uk/blog and facebook.com/gordonfrickers to follow the artists progress.
Other interests include: Wines and foods, photography, teaching (colouring & drawing), sailing, ship & boat building, research, history, aviation, current affairs.

See also Frickers’ CV/ résumé on www.frickers.co.uk/about and on Facebook and Twitter pages, enjoy.
“I got exactly the painting I had hoped for” ~ Pete Goss, Dec 2012

“I was able to show my son the cabin I sweated out my first voyage” ~ Jim Morrison.