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Communication on the Pickle night theme.

The Trafalgar Messenger” (available in heritage print £147.00 ) & “Pickle approaching The Lizard“.  HMS Pickle, approaching the Lizard  IMG_3436 d
While the previous picture “I have urgent dispatches”  is well know, here are 2 new studies of HM Schooner Pickle that are not on my web site so as yet unknown.

 “Pickle approaching The Lizard”  HMS Pickle off Mounts Bay IMG_3457 d

These two paintings show details of HMS Pickle previously unknown, the result of new & original research. recently discovered by Peter Goodwin and myself.

Most notable ate the curved rails over the gun ports proven when Peter Goodwin found dockyard papers relating to one of her pre Trafalgar refits and the black flash on her bright yellow which I discovered on a picture almost certainly made under the direction of her commander and certainly made very son after the Trafalgar news arrived in London. HMS PIckle approaching the Lizard (detail)  IMG_3442 d

Upon completing the “I have urgent dispatches” painting we had a Pickle Night party at my home.

Guests included 2 sea captains who commanded square riggers and the keeper of HMS Victory.

During the evening thanks to Martin Bibbings of The Trafalgar Gun Company and Nick Dutton shore manager of the brig Maria Asumpta we fired off 2 very real cannon.

As the following evening was  5th of November, ‘firework night’ in England we saw no hard in trying out a couple of cannon in my back garden.

For added effect at night Martin included with each charge a balloon with petrol and iron filings.

The result was spectacular as were the bangs.

The following day a number of people comments ” there were some very load fireworks over Plymstock way last night…”

The back blast from one cannon shattered a window in my house.
Imagine the insurance claim? Cause of breakage, cannon fire…

The Trafalgar Messenger“, newly available in print, add a copy to your collection for £147.00 via our payment page, enjoy it for years to come and Pickle party!

Pickle approaching The Lizard (detail 50) IMG_3452