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Creative progress

A landscape painting 2 m x 1 m, progress with a creative process shown here particularly for those who asked to follow this painting.  Port_of_Gaillac_1863_progress_11.07.14_d_IMG_1004.JPG
Two days and 8 hrs plus later here are the developments with “The Port of Gaillac 1863“.
The colouring is in many places nearing its final form, numerous details have been added and many are much refined.
Still a long way to go, example, while the center quay is now quite busy, the quay in the for ground is yet to be populated.

I’m working on designs for that, groups of people occupied with their various trades. Port_of_Gaillac_detail__progress_11.07.14__d_IMG_1005.JPG
This painting is in effect numerous small stories on one canvas each illustrating a different activity around the port in 1863, the year before the rail link to Toulouse opened after which trade on the river rapidly declined.

Many colours are underpainted, not complete yet because I will glaze them with other colours.

Details are still only roughly portrayed and will be further refined.

However on the west bank a ‘gabarre’ has arrived landen with goodies, drawn by horses and man power up the river, she will either cross to the quay using the current and be handled with long lines or be man handled up to the weir and the lock to enter the upper reach were the first quays were built by the Phoneticians and later much used by the Romans.

By 1840 part of the upper reaches of the river had been, following a 20 year effort,  cleared of rocks and other hazards allowing navigation as far as Albi.

This west bank detail is almost complete, some of the background colours will receive further attention.Port_of_Gaillac_detail__progress_11.07.14__d_IMG_1006.JPG


That said,  the picture will be near or actually completed by the end of next week provided I’m not distracted and can focus on it, enjoy.

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