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St Emilion Sunset

This new painting of St Emilion, oils, 20 ” x 30 “, looking for a home, offers?  St_Emilion_sunset_IMG_0455.JPG_d.JPG

Famous for the very best of red wines, St Emilion, have you been there? A UNESCO world heritage site, this very beautiful little town will feature in my major project for this year, ‘Picturesque Wine Villages of Bordeaux‘. I’m looking for exhibition sponsors, ideas?

There is so much on the Internet about St Emilion so I’ll keep my remarks very personal here.

The town is dedicated to and smells of wine!

The wines of St Emilion were a favourite of my father’s and represent some of the finest in the world.

Two Châteaux at St Emilion are on the list of 10, Imperial Classification 1855, as the very best.

Because and despite this, many of the wines are very affordable, even the vin du table is St Emilion!

On the subject of which the town has one very noted restaurant / hotel, accommodation is easy to find including camping at the excellent Yelloh site 4 km away and one can eat very well in St Emilion, inexpensively.  GF_at_St_Emilion_IMG_6133.JPG_wp.JPG

A major tourist attraction with easy parking, St Emilion has lost very little of its originality and charm.

If you are fortunate enough to visit, do try and take your time, see the quieter parts the majority of tourists don’t have time for, St Emilion is like a beautiful woman, worthy of your attention, charming, enchanting, enjoy.