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Twitter success !

A Twitter success today – I was very reluctant to launch onto Twitter. I must confess Twitter has proven much more interesting than expected, there are a lot of excellent people and organisations posting very worth while info; I mearly seek to be one of them. Today on Twitter – “Great job this week!”“Most popular Tweets for the week of March 18, 2014 –
– Gordon Frickers,
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Gordon Frickers
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Your most popular Tweets for the week of March 18, 2014:
Cool. Great photo!  Nelson_s_Bright_Yellow_IMG_0924_d.JPG
@74guns @navalhistorian @jacqui_livesey – J M W Turner was more accurate than the twits who chose the present colour!!! pic.twitter.com/XlSN4t8pJ7
09:45 AM – 18 Mar 14
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Nice. People got into this Tweet.
@danielpollock Echo’s of my grandfather’s story…

08:59 AM – 17 Mar 14
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Cool. Great photo!
@74guns Peter Goodwin and I have been saying that for years. made a painting about the issue, “Nelson at Gibraltar”    Turning_point__Nelson_at_Gibraltar_IMG_0670_d.JPGpic.twitter.com/6ypU5Ogs4E

09:31 AM – 18 Mar 14
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Great job this week!
Why not tweet about it?”
By the way, both these fine paintings are looking for a home, no reasonable offer refused.