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Wine Musuem – 'inVINcible VIGNEron'

VVM_21.03.14_IMG_9906.JPG_d.JPGThe ‘inVINcible VIGNEron’, Broze near Gaillac, Tarn, and a new very special painting…

“Unique in France” said Bertrand de VIVIES, Conservateur du Partrimone, Mairie de Gaillac.
I’ve just returned from a meeting at the new museum ‘inVINcible VIGNEron’, opening 10 April, story, photos, diorama on my blog soon.
I am researching to make a 2 m x 1 m painting, commissioned for the new museum ‘inVINcible VIGNEron’.
The story of this ‘full on’ painting will gradually appear post by post here, on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin over the next few months