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Super yacht painting

I’ve painted several Superyachts, the last time for Pendennis Shipyard (Falmouth, Cornwall).

An enquiry arrived today for a ‘full on’ super yacht painting. I love this sort of work, working with the design team.
To show the yacht in one of the clients favourite locations as she will appear when built.  Loch_Nevis_d.jpgLochnevis_building_at_Troon.JPG
In the past I’ve been fortunate to work this way for companies as varied as BT Marine (cable laying ships), BAE Systems Surface Fleet Solutions (reconditioned warships for the Chilean navy) and Caledonian MacBrayne (new ferries)…

BT sent me to Holland and for their second ship to Birkenhead.

BAE / MoD sent me in great secrecy to Portsmouth Naval Dockyard because the painting was to be a surprise for the Chileans – it was, here is a to the story of The Chilean National Frigate.

Above are 2 pics of from a Calmac project, the ‘small island’ ferry “Loch Nevis“, a vessel of great character off the isle of Muck, Inner Hebrides.

That painting and another from the series “Clansman departing Castlebay, Barra” are available from this web site as ‘Heritage’ prints’Clansman_at_castle_Town__Barra.jpg_d.jpg

Payment can be made bank to bank or via the site using Paypal, enjoy!

Working closely with the Calmac design team I was flown each time to Glasgow.

In the case of ‘Loch Nevis‘, taken to the shipyard at Troon then to the Hebrides to see were the new ferry would operate to assess local colour, light and a suitable background.

While I often have to work with documents, photographs, G A’s because time and or budget is limited etc this ‘full on’ approach undoubtedly produces the very finest results.

By Calmac I was even asked to advise on colour scheme for the ship, a compliment I thought.

You if you wish can discover more about the ships and places mentioned above on the web site.