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Suspicious email

If you, as have I received several this year purporting to be from HMRC; the following info may be helpful to you.
Please forward it to HMRC at phishing@nullhmrc.gsi.gov.uk.

HMRC replied malicious email “are issued in huge numbers and sent indiscriminately, which is why we recommend using up to date spam filters and other online protection.
HMRC takes online security very seriously and with law enforcement agencies works hard to identify and stop these attacks.
We also continuously monitor systems and customer records to guard against fraudulent activity.  The methods fraudsters use to get the information they want is constantly changing so we provide regular updates on scams we know about.  The main risk is theft of identity or online account access details.  Please ensure that you keep your password and user ID secret and update them regularly.
Please report any suspicious activity to HMRC immediately.
HMRC publicises details of current scams on our website