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Goss voyage captured on Canvas

GOSS_Logo_White_small0d77a9.jpgPete Goss and I signed a batch of 38 prints, a happy days, a memorable  project seen to fruition.    Pete_Goss___print_IMG_9177.JPG_wp.JPGYou can see the artwork on my dedicated mini web site petegossprints. You can order a copy via Payment Page using PayPal or email and ask for bank to bank. My next task is to prepare copies for the folk who have ordered.I collected Pete from Plymouth central station, he’d arrived from London.

We drove to Adaptgraphics were I was able to introduce my printer Alan Tooze to Pete Goss, something Alan had been looking foreword to for years.  Pete_Goss___Alan_Tooze.JPG_wp.JPG

I’m glad we signed the prints together and at Adaptgraphics not least because I thought it made a special moment in the story of this remarkable painting.

In turn Alan Tooze has done a terrific job so including Alan was a nice touch which he enjoyed.

My thanks go to Pete Goss and his shore manager Stuart Elford, also to the remarkable printer Alan Tooze of Adaptgraphics, Plymouth, for their time and input in this project.

Their interest and professionalism made the passage easier and helped me concentrate on the work in hand.

I’m very glad we have produced this picture and these prints.  Pete_Goss_and_Gordon_Frickers_signing_IMG_9166.JPG_d.JPG

“Spirit of Mystery, Southern Ocean” makes a great companion to the illustrious “Roaring Forties” and “Ice Maiden”.

I hope they will give Pete and many other people years of pleasure and pause for thought.

I hope they will be a salute to the crew of Spirit of Mystery, the men of the original Mystery who have been an inspiration to us all and just maybe make a few people more aware of the hazards of migration by small ship.