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Autumn Sunset, St Emilion,

St Emilion is a classic, historic town, one of the most beautiful in the region and very deservedly with UNESCO World Heritage status.  St_Emilion_Sunset__IMG_9073.JPG_d.JPG

This painting ‘sort of’ demanded it paint itself meaning it is not what I had in mind.

Here is a perspective of St Emilion few visitors see.

I followed inspiration and intuition to create this 32″ x 20″ oils on canvas board painting, thus there is another version of this beautiful scene yet to be painted.

I have visited St Emilion many times, always a great experience.

This painting was inspired by the last of my 4 visits to the region this year 2013.

I first painted at St Emilion in 1997.

There is much more to St Emilion than some of the best wines in the world. St_Emilion_Sunset__detail___IMG_9070.JPG_d.JPG

I intend several more paintings of St Emilion showing different aspects inside the town, the clouds of happy tourists, the numerous bars, wine shops, the unspoilt calmer streets and hidden corners many visitors miss.

The town exuded strong odours – of red wine.

Most of the shops and bars are to this day dedicated to wine and good food.

The wines of St Emilion and nearby Pomerol are among the most renowned in the world, 3 of the Châteaux are rated on the 1855 Imperial Classification, even the vin du table is excellent and the town benefits from a Michelin 5 star restaurant.    St Emilion Sunset (detail)  IMG_9068.JPG d_1.JPG

There is much to discover, to see, to say about St Emilion.

I’ll surprise you with more curiosities when I write again for successive paintings of this wonderful treasure of a town and commune.

Most visitors arrive from the East or South from which directions St Emilion is quite suddenly revealed. You are almost in the town before you see it so this painting is unusual in several ways.St_Emilion_Sunset__detail___IMG_9069.JPG_d.JPG

A day exploring St Emilion passes very quickly, enjoy.