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New paintings & new studio?

Four hours painting today, a sunset at St Emilion, good progress but exhausting.

I’ll photograph it soon so watch this space.
Probably the last painting from this studio. This is not a ‘wine’ but – were my next ‘French’ studio will be is yet to be decided…studio_1_18.04.11_IMG_0867_wp.jpg

The facility is reasonable, the studio good however the owner wishes to have her house back – what a cheek! 
Seriously, fine work has been accomplished from here as a scan of the past 3 years on this blog shows, my sincere thanks to my owner for her good will and support.

I will leave here with many happy memories.

It’s been a tough 3 years, happliy I leave with my affairs in much better shape than when I arrived.

Next, I’m planning a long visit to England arriving soon at Portsmouth then onto Plymouth and at some point to London.

I’ll be bringing the new ‘Picturesque Wine Villages of Bordeaux’ with me for framing. 
Five of the new paintings are already spoken for.