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Accurate Translations, Spirit of Mystery and wine

 Tonight I must write a letter to a gentleman in Monaco to be translated by Helene Ancelot. Undoubtedly the gentleman will speak good English, it seems to me though, more polite to approach him using French. MC_2010_IMG_8605.jpg_wp.jpg

My conversational French is (just) passable and I sometimes write in French.

I do find though, written French has even more mysteries than spoken French which in its self is in many ways not what I was taught in England.

This is in no way to say I am negative re the French language, on the contrary, for me it is a beautiful fascinating language with much in common with English and Latin.

In the past week two friends of his, each independent of the other have visited my studio and each asked me to write to him to propose he looks at parts of my web site with a view to a possible exhibition at the Yacht Club de Monaco.

On the subject of which I notice the new  Monaco Yacht Club designed by Lord Norman Foster is nearing completion. Fabulous is not a word I often use but in this case, ‘wow’, congratulations to all concerned!

I’d like to ‘do’ the Monaco yacht Show again, at the end of this month, unlikely as priorities including time and funding is pressing in the direction of the ‘Picturesque Wine Villages of Bordeaux‘ project.
I’ll use snail mail so I can give him a copy of my book ‘Life on the Ocean Wave’ and post all I hope tomorrow.


Accurate translations remain a problem for me, Helene and Alex have been very helpful, I don’t like to impose to much though.

I am keenly aware both have full lives without my contribution, Alex in particular as she nears the time for her next family member to arrive.


That said there is a need to translate the press release for ‘Spirit of Mystery in the Southern Ocean’.

A new limited edition print of this dramatic painting will be announced very soon!

Spirit_of_Mystery__02.12.12_b_IMG_4921_d.JPG    Spirit_of_Mystery_in_the_Southern_Ocean__detail__IMG_5287_.JPG_d.JPG

~ ~ ~ ~

I also have a quite long piece about ‘Nelson’s Bright Yellow’ which I think many sea people and historians in France will find interesting.

Plus gradually I’m tackling the daunting task of writing a book (a specimen chapter featuring Sauternes has been prepared) about ‘Picturesque Wine Villages of Bordeaux’ which will need to be bi lingual…