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Gordon Frickers résumé ~ "Why didn't you tell me…"

Gordon Frickers résumé has had new information and new pictures added.  Painting_the_Pyrenees__not_all_of_them___GF_IMG_1864_.jpg_wp.jpg

By way of introduction for those who don’t know of Gordon Frickers, his résumé is on www.frickers.co.uk

Gordon Frickers is special because:

Of the range and depth of his knowledge of painting, drawing, he is renowned for his marine subjects and more recently becoming that way because his landscapes and knowledge of the Bordeaux wine region which he has now visited 7 times including an extensive tour in 2013.
Because he benefits from the creativity of working in parallel on two approaches.  The_Clown.jpg_wp.jpg
Because Gordon Frickers has a special form of colour vision

You can learn more by viewing examples of Gordon Frickers art work using the drop downs on the menu galleries above and by generally exploring this 600 pages + web site resource, welcome, enjoy.


Why didn’t you tell me you are the artist who painted the iconic “Roaring Forties“? – Dick Durham, editor, Yachting World.  GF__Pyla_IMG_6655.JPG_wp.JPG