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Battles at Cordes sur Ciel, Bastille Day today!


Having survived the Medieval Fete at Cordes sur Ciel last night what’s on Tonight? Cordes_IMG_6470.JPG_wp.JPG

To Albi, Gaillac or maybe the renowned huge firework display at Carcassonne (the latter can be seen on YouTube)?

Last night was a laugh, friends kindly loaned me the robes.

I was a novice in medieval costume.Cordes_IMG_6482.JPG_wp.JPG

I’d never worn anything like it before.


The clothing was hot in more than the colour.

I was though surprised that despite the day’s temperature of 36 C + within a couple of hours my body adjusted to the garments and even felt quite comfortable in them.

Now what is that all about, I’d have expected to have found them very uncomfortable in that heat…?

Cordes sur Ciel is of course easily the best know of the bastide towns in this area, world famous attracting over a million visitors a year.

This year this world renowned 13 th century fortified town was not ‘dressed overall’ as in former years, with banners.

There was a dispute over funding with the organisers and the mayor, the latter deciding to be ‘tight’.

While detracting, this did not stop the fun, a long torchlight parade with music including the cavalry and new this year, Orcs whose costumes were excellent and manners suitably abysmal, followed by various battles, and other entertainments suited to the period.

IMG_6496.JPG_wp.JPGCordes_Chevalier_IMG_6520.JPG_wp.JPGBy the way, how did the Normans and Plantagenets manage to drink while wearing those helmets ?No_axeident...__IMG_6440.JPG_d.JPGHow_did_Normans_drink_..._IMG_6490.JPG_d.JPG

What ever, I’m painting a village near St Emilion today, cool studio, 38 C outside yesterday…Battle_at_Cordes_IMG_6527.JPG_wp.JPG IMG_6494.JPG_wp.JPG