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Cause for celebration

The Roaring Forties” page has just been successfully edited using WordPress.  This means the site can begin to market the artist more effectively which will if you own a ‘Gordon Frickers’ enhance the value of your picture.

At last we have active content management so if you spot and report errors, malfunctions and mistakes Gordon can personally attend to them.

The new  title and sub title read in a more search engine friendly way as “Robin Knox-Johnston, “Roaring Forties” and sub title “The Southern Ocean, “Suhaili” 16 December 1968 during the first solo nonstop circumnavigation“.

The web site migration is almost complete, the system now being based on WordPress so at last after 8 years, we have a content management system, one that actually works, hallelujah,  for this 753 page web site.

Now we begin the long task of updating the pages. If you have comments, suggestions or would like to help write the updates email info@nullfrickers.co.uk; we need all the help we can get.

Having reached this major milestone we are looking at what needs to be done next.

Spell and grammer checks, research and install updated keywords, search engine optimisation, permit advertising, add the many new paintings waiting to go on site and archive older pictures – what else and which are priorities???

It is a big task but we have reached a new more creative phase; keep an eye on this site this is going to be fun!