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and 4 large bars of chocolate…

This evening despite the steady rain and more snow here  metaphorically, the sun came out: major changes to the web site and regular email was restored for the first time in 3 months; if you have the time, please always advise me of any web page that does not open, thank you.

The pain lasted weeks, subsiding now thanks to the work, the support of 34sp.com, pobox.com and 4 large bars of chocolate… 

Major changes to the web site‘ means the web site is now mostly under my command and has been migrated by 34sp.com to a more professional server.

If you have the time, please always advise me of any web page that does not open, thank you.

If you find a link that does not work it will be a case of checking that file.

We will need from you the page address for a redirect rule and then copy it to the new .htaccess file.


We (34sp.com and I) by making  major changes to the web site set up and migrating www.frickers.co.uk  to a more modern background system have by repositioning the site prepared the way ahead for an exciting range of further technical improvements.

Among other things this will greatly improve the site ‘visibility’ online and enable very numerous improvements to be made to texts and picture quality.

We will be able to update outdated pages and have many new paintings marine and landscapes to show you.


Some still pages do not work.

We have checked the most important but there are over 750 pages on the site.

For a broken page we need to check the ‘.htaccess.broke’ that Andy of 34sp.com renamed for entries referring to the page that is failing.

This then needs copying over to the .htaccess file.

We have just moved the majority of pages now but… there is a lot that use a unsupported method which cannot be copied across and will need rewriting.

My previous web master had set up some of the pages in a highly individual manner consequently not all pages have migrated successfully.

Other pages may have tested satisfactorily on my browser but not on yours.

Please report broken pages and outdated texts, thank you.


It seems the email system here is restored.

Why it broke we still don’t know.

I would like to know.

It has literally cost me weeks of work, lost orders, much heartache and stress and several bars of chocolate to get to this point.

Probably just in time; the Yahoo system has been worked very hard during the interim and is showing signs of needing a vacation.

My sincere thank for your help,

Gordon Frickers