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The quay(s) to Gaillac – what do you know?

The Quay to Gaillac – research – a proposed text for regional journals.

Our aim is to more fully understand the appearance of the Gaillac Quay at its zenith in order for the citizens and visitors to better appreciate Gaillac.

Formerly the quay was the life blood of the Gaillacios, the principal reason for Gaillac’s existence.

If you have time you could help by circulating, blog and generally publish this request for information including to any other suitable press, thank you.

The river quay of Gaillac is a great resource for the Gaillacios yet today it is almost forgotten.

Initial research has suggested there are few official records and there is no outstanding illustration of the quay of Gaillac.

Can you reveal or do you know some one who has unrecorded pictures or documents relating to the Gaillac Quay during the first half of the 19 th century?

We are particularly interested to review local information and histories relating to the Gaillac quay 19 th circa and know of local businesses still trading from the first half of the 19 th century.


Can you add to our local heritage with maps, plans, pictures, photos and or documents related to Gaillac quay, first half of the 19 th century?


If yes please contact M. Gordon Frickers, e mail gordonfrickers@nullyahoo.co.uk.


M. Frickers is a specialist and has previously created similar scenes, for example ‘The Port of Chester 1863’ painted to show that port at its busiest, to inspire sensitive re development.

M. Frickers painting was given the honour of a civic reception (400 guests) unveiled by the mayor of Chester and signed numbered copies proved very popular.

(You may read about the event on Port of Chester 1863 and follow this new story on Gordon Frickers blog).

M. Frickers has a long association with the Gaillac and Albi regions, often living here as a non resident,

He has produced a number of outstanding paintings and is one of the very few artists to have been invited to exhibit at the European Parliament (Brussels May 2011).


Trade over the quay of Gaillac reached its zenith during the 1840’s with over 200 barges working out of Gaillac before the arrival of the railway.

Gaillac is sited at the ancient navigable head of the river Tarn, thus was the regional gateway to the world so gave its name to the region and many of its products.

While the prestigious trade was in wine, many other exportable and importable products passed over the quays of Gaillac.

Down river, Bordeaux has for centuries dominated Gaillac.

The Bordeaux quays are world renowned, well documented and famously painted.

Here is an opportunity to encourage a similar result for Gaillac.


For further information contact M. Gordon Frickers:


T:  0 977 195 595 or 0 563 407 225

Or write to M. G.Frickers

Maison Boitel, Rue Gambetta, Castelnau de Montmiral 81140.


Thank you,

Gordon Frickers 09.01.2013