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"Last Departure", "Ferriera" ex "Cutty Sark",

Ferriera” ex “Cutty Sark“, “Last Departure” – an order arrived today for a print one of ‘my’ favourite paintings:  Last_departure_wp.jpg

Following an enquiry a week ago: “I live near St Anthony, and an ancestor of mine served on Cutty Sark, so I would be interested in obtaining a print of this picture”, I asked how come the interest now?


The ship is shown here leaving her last port with a cargo.

You can discover more in ‘further reading’ a link attached to the last departure page.

To order a print e mail us via the contact us page and ask for details.

The gentleman concerned had very recently visited the restored tea clipper Cutty Sark at her permanent berth at Greenwich, London. Last_Departure_detail_1.JPG