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A new gallery / studio / picture framer business?

Thanks to the kindness of two good friends I’ve been  staying at Thehillac for a few days while exploring the possibilities of opening a gallery / studio / picture framer business in the beautiful historic petite cite medieval Roche Bernard. Roche_Bernard___R._Villaine_IMG_4812_d.JPG

I’ve wanted to open a gallery / studio / picture framer business for some 30 years.

Why has that not happened before?

We know that besides the gallery, picture framers rarely go out of business and some make a  very good income?

Long story not for now… however, there is a good opportunity at Roche Bernard (Brittany, just off the autoroute, on the coast between Vannes and Nantes).

Two properties are available, both have good locations the smaller includes a flat all for some 530 Euros per month.

The larger and smarter could include a flat, all recently modernised by an English developer and is in a slightly better position opposite the Office de Tourisme and beside the town hall.  Roche_Bernard_potential_gallery_IMG_4829_wp.JPG

This sort of business is not expensive to set up and I have the know how.

I’m looking for a partner to work with, to share costs and rewards.

The person might be a business man / woman or a fellow artist.

The village has for some years been quietly developing an artist’s quarter which it promotes via the tourist office. Roche_Bernard_Office_de_Tourisme_IMG_4830_wp.JPG

I spoke yesterday with various people in the town including at the town hall (an exhibition was proptly offered)  and all are of the opinion we would ‘do well’.

The Mayor’s wife is I am told also an artist.

The general view is there is a demand but no supply for/by a ‘classic’ marine painter and that local scenes would also sell well, again no good artist is there painting and the town is a major tourist attraction.

If this project is of interest speak up and quickly otherwise I am likely to open a similar business in Plymouth or Cornwall.

Me? I prefer France, I’d like to stay, the life style, the better foods and wines however there are good opportunities in Plymouth too and a man must make a viable income.


While at my friend’s near by ‘maison secondaire’ I always endeavour to make myself useful. Thehillac_IMG_4820_wp.JPG

On this occasion the house was a bit damp following a summer and autumn not much better than the awful seasons just past in England so I kept an open fire going during my stay.

The fire had a very beneficial effect on both the house and me.

The lawns were bit of a challenge for both the mower which I nursed and for me.  Thhillac_grass_IMG_4822_wp.JPG

We cut most but not all of the wet grass, tidied up and generally made the garden look loved if not ship shape.

I took a gas reading as proof of level because the company responsible have not delivered as promised.  TS_gas_level_IMG_4832_wp.JPG

I’d been asked to check out an out building.

It took 2 days of encouragement with penetrating oil to free the locks.

When I finally entered the news was not good. TS_before_IMG_4838_wp.JPG

A few slates have slipped on the new roof consequently water and damp got in. T._IMG_4841_wp.JPG

Unfortunately the ceiling was not designed to be the base of a pool.

Fortunately I had found and cleared the worst of the damage before it went mouldy. TS_ceiling_IMG_4837_wp.JPG

Unfortunately that made me quite late arriving at CdM that evening.

Fortunately I had the good sense to remove all items liabl to suffer from damp to the main house.  T_Studio_ceiling__IMG_4839_wp.JPG  T_studio_cleaned_IMG_4840_wp.JPG

I switched off the out house electricity and thus did not leave a heater ‘on’ as had been requested.

I did not attempt to fix the roof tiles because I was unable to raise my friends by phone and the roof looks new so is possibly under warranty and insured.

Happily the damage does not look like spreading and I’ll be back there next month.

Several hours  behind schedule and hoping I’d been helpful and sensible I loaded my car and left for the long haul south to Castelnau de Montmiral.