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Skype – I have changed my ‘online’ policy.

  • Don’t hesitate to call or text/sms me by Skype if I appear to be off line.
  • I will receive your call or message and automatically come on line for you.
  • Most days my PC is ‘on’ all day and into the evening.
  • On the advice of SP Computers of Exeter St Plymouth who build and maintain my PC’s I have stopped allowing Skype to start when I switch on and to run all day. The reason for this is the steady increase in programmes running on the machines has been noticeably slowing them down therefore we looked to find none essential programmes that don’t need to be on stand by. Skype is one of them.
  • I like Skype, it is very useful, my vote is to continue using Skype; I look foreword to hearing from you, Skype name ‘gordonfrickers’.