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Plymouth and Pete Goss, the creative process

R_Plym__d.JPGThis beautiful inspiring Plymouth  morning I added the finishing touches to a new watercolour painting, it is to be a gift so I can’t reveal it yet.  Pete_Goss___GF_IMG_4233_wp.JPG

What I can do is relate a little of what passed with the renowned sailor Pete Goss as we prepare to make a spectacular painting of his Cornish Lugger ‘Spirit of Mystery‘.

The picture has reached final sketches stage.

We discussed the details of how the lugger and her helmsman will appear using a combination of photos and sketches.  Spirit of Mystery IMG_4741 d_1.JPG

Pete Goss has moved the Spirit of Mystery from where I saw her in June to a position nearer the Mayflower Marina harbour Master’s Office.

Happily this makes it easier for me to obtain the rather unusual  perspective I wish for the new painting. Spirit_of_Mystery_IMG_4739_d.JPG

There are some additional details we will need so Pete Goss has volunteered to set Spirit of Mystery up for a re shoot.

This will take him a couple of hours but help ensure accuracy and authority in the final art work.