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Doctors could prescribe exercise this week

EXERCISE could become available on prescription in France in a bid to cut the costs to the healthcare system of treating illness linked to being unfit.

We thought being ill meant you are in some way ‘unfit’?The idea is supported by the Health Ministry and the Comité National Olympique et Sportif (CNOSF), who are running national “Sport-Health-Wellbeing” days this week.

Seriously, fitness is an issue when creating and painting.

There is no doubt in my mind that the fitter, rested, well fed, well exercised I am the better and quicker the work is produced.

The popular idea of a starving artist producing his / her best work is very 19th century, out of date.

Poverty brings many forms of stress and stress is a know killer.

The artists I know all work best when motivated, able to be focused and stress free which usually means some one who loves and cares for them near by and enough in the bank not to have to worry about basic costs.

Keep fit my friends, exercise not to hard even when you don’t want to exercise.

In a productive week I regulate my well being just as I would if preparing for and attending a major regatta or championship but then producing a fine painting is in many ways a similar sort of challenge mental and physical.

Exercise (sunshine and fresh air)  was in a large part the reason I took on the project of renovating my Wayfarer sail boat.

I’ve put on solid muscule, am more bronzed and certainly fitter- result.