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Waterline and wine shipments?

This morning I finished painting the hull of my boat adding the final waterline so the first of the major renovation tasks nears completion. The afternoon was spent in Gaillac trying to discover more about the quays at Gaillac.Gaillac_IMG_4478_wp.JPG from which Gaillac wines have been exported since Greek times… with Charles de Noblet, Fiona and Frank Baldock.

Charles is a fountain of information and kindly showed us his land opposite the town on the West bank.

He was unable to show any really early photographs of maps of the district but has confirmed the present bridge was completed in 1938 and replaced and earlier suspension bridge built around 1850 but exactly when?

Charles also spoke in detail about the river currents, fishing and how the fore shore has changed since the weir was built.

When was the weir built and what did the river banks look like pre weir?

He said the original quays were on the west bank against his property.

If confirmed and I expect that will be it makes a composition that includes Gaillac that much more…drat.


I’d like to show part of the old town of Gaillac, so different to the modern centre and so south of France…

Plus we have a question here…  why the warehouses on the picturesque east bank?  Gaillac_warehouses_IMG_4490_d.JPG

Charles did though kindly say I can access his land anytime I wish, he is happy to loan me the keys to the gates.

He also made me an appointment for next Tuesday at 14.00 with Bertrand de Vivies, Consorvateur du Patrimoine responsible for all the museums in the district.

This search continues to produce surprises and fascinating people…