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Meeting the famous sailor Pete Goss

Plymouth_Sound_gale__IMG_4250_wp.JPG I hope you are well reefed down, strong winds here in Plymouth today.

Pete Goss –  our subject today is design a painting of the Cornish Lugger Spirit of Mystery at about the time she was knocked down in the Great, savage Southern Ocean so today’s weather is very appropriate!

A wild and windy day even on the very sheltered Mayflower Marina off Plymouth Hamoaze, boats are rocking and bucking, wind gusting 60 kph out of a sunny blue sky, summer gales create may tales… Mine includes meeting the famous Pete Goss to design a painting for him.  Pete_Goss___GF_IMG_4233_wp.JPG

Pete has asked for a painting of his Cornish Lugger Spirit of Mystery. Spirit_of_Mystery_IMG_4215_wp.JPG

The meeting with Pete Goss went very well with an original idea for the design emerging.
Sweet boat too, at one time a boat like that was my dream…
We have the feeling we designed what will become another famous painting.
People who have met Pete will attest, Pete Goss is a fine modest person of great ability and a good public speaker so with that and an excellent story we c hope for a painting to rival “Roaring Forties” of which Pete said, for him it is the best painting of the Southern Ocean as seen from a small craft.
So far the design is quite different but we think it tells the story and is equally dramatic.
Watch this blog and decide for yourself!
The canvas will be 48″ x 30″ and I collect it on Friday.

You may recall (the story of the voyage was televised and shown on the BBC recently)?

Pete Goss retraced the voyage of 7 Cornish emigrants to Australia in the 1850’s who incredibly, sailed there in a 38 foot fishing lugger from Newlyn.

In Spirit of Mystery with friends and his son, he  Spirit_of_Mystery_IMG_4246_wp.JPGsailed to Australia’s far shore.

The voyage had some remarkable moments  including in the Indian and Southern Oceans.

Pete who is selling ‘Spirit of Mystery‘ wants a painting to commemorate this remarkable voyage.

You can read more about Pete Goss’ voyage including he blog logs  on the Internet and see videos on YouTube.

Also, I had a very interesting meeting today with a publisher of ‘Art’ books.
The conversation quickly focused on the wine project.
They would like to publish a book on my work on this.
They would like some one else, a sponsor, to cover the production costs which are likely to be modest.
We have jointly agreed to write a proposal for interested parties.
Contact us or at least this blog space and enjoy.


The day finished with a grand firework display from Plymouth Citidal which I enjoyed attempted to photograph hand held from the balcony of the house I’ve been kindly lent,  while other villagers in Oreston watched from the quay.

All in all one of the better days in the life of an artist.

Fireworks_IMG_4282_wp.JPG  IMG_4258_wp.JPG  fireworks_IMG_4283_wp.JPG