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Salcombe harbour

Salcombe_IMG_4099_wp.JPG  Salcombe is  a beautiful harbour.

Two new paintings were completed today destined to be part of an exhibition by the Brownston Gallery (art@nullthebrownstongallery.co.uk), 36 Church Street, Modbury, Devon, PL21 0QR at Salcombe Yacht Club during August which includes the popular Salcombe Regatta.

Your contact is Catherine Gillen T: 01548 831 338, enjoy.  Salcombe_IMG_4107_wp.JPG

These two Salcombe harbour paintings, oils on board, measure approximately 16″ x 25″.

If you would like to know more about these two fine impressionist paintings e mail or phone us via the Contact Us page on this web site (button top right of all pages).


Meanwhile Gordon is preparing to go to Nantes then on to England including visiting Portsmouth and staying at Plymouth.

One of the reasons for this journey is to supervise putting ‘HMS Pickle approaching The Lizard‘ into signed numbered prints.  HMS_PIckle_with_the_Trafalgar_despatch_approaching_The_Lizard_IMG_3994.JPG

You can order your copy now securely using PayPal via the Payments page on this web site.

The story of this remarkable painting, ‘HMS Pickle approaching The Lizard‘,  how, why and what it represents is on this blog dated 10 th May 2012.

This picture, original as yet unsold, valued at 6 to 8 thousand pounds  (make us an offer we can’t refuse?) will make a fine pair and sound investment with the already esteemed painting of HMS Pickle the Trafalgar dispatches messenger  in heavy weather  I have urgent despatches‘.