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Commissioning the creative process

Pete Goss, the renowned small craft sailor (look him up on you tube etc) wrote:

I have always admired that painting (“Roaring Forties“, more on that below… was commissioned by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston)  as it is one of the few paintings that for me captures the Southern Ocean in a small boat.
I would love a painting as George (Skinner) has suggested but don’t want to start something
that is beyond my budget and ends up dashing all our hopes. D1903_Roaring_Forties15.03.05.jpg

As such would you be kind enough to provide an outline of how this sort of
thing works for it is new territory.

I hope you are not offended by me asking for the question is put forward out
of respect for your talent.


Offended? err no I am delighted and while Pete said ‘it is an honour to speak with you’ I was thinking well that IS flattering and this from a man who really knows the Great Southern Ocean but errr no, mine is the honour to be speaking with such a brave and distinguished sailor, a man who has won an MBE and the coveted Legion d’Honneur for gallantary at sea, see the Wiki page on Pete Goss for more of his story…

This is from a man who despite his growing fame is admired by all I have met who have met him, modest, honest, passionate about his projects and about bettering people’s lives…

I wrote back to say thanks for asking and it is a very reasonable question.

I very briefly outlined how I work from first contact with a prospective client as was the case with Robin, how we establish what the client would like, what could be done and how,  and what is affordable, how we agree a design and what the painting wiull do for the client (some are very private affairs, others go into print and a few most notably “Roaring Forties”  become quite famous.

Roaring Forties lives in pride of place in Robin’s home.

It can some times be seen in the background when he is interviewed by TV.

Roaring Forties has been featured in many magazines world wide including ‘The Times’ of London, Lloyds List  and even ‘Reader’s Digest’,

Recently Roaring Forties was described by the editor Dick Durham of the best selling Yachting magazine Yachting Monthly as “iconic”.

We still have a few copies left, numbered and signed by Robin Knox-Johnston and Gordon Frickers.

You can own piece of this majic by ordering a print from this web site

Actually these days I am able to paint so fast most people can afford my work particularly if they pay bank to bank by installments.

Now I’m hoping I will meet the renowned Pete Goss and I have a feeling there is a great painting here waiting for us to sit down and design together.