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"HMS Pickle approaching the Lizard"

Anne M wrote: Thanks for your news and the pictures, they are very all good. I particularly like :–
Pickle approaching the Lizard “
Do you intend to produce both? (Yes we willproduce at least one, Heritage quality on canvas, price inc courier from £157.00 – you can oder from this web site page http://www.frickers.co.uk/blog/making-a-payment/ ) — there is more defination in that one, and you can see the crew calling to each other….
I just love the way you have captured the sails
of the Luggars in particularly, and I think I can see St. Michaels Mount in that one ? (yes well spotted)
You have captured the Pickle extraordinarily well, in colour, and the sky looks a
wonderful colour in this, slightly warmer tone, than the other picture.
I am quite enthralled……
I don’t usually like sea pictures, as I have said before, but this very calming, & lovely
colour tones!!
Best wishes, Anne

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