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Big Freeze

Yesterday snow finally arrived at Castelnau de Montmiral, ankle deep by mid day.  Port_Neuve_IMG_2874_d.JPG

I’m mostly working in the studio (the deck above ) to paint on a new version of HMS Pickle and also of RMS Titanic.
This area has been the last in France to catch snow, quite cold though for the past week, mostly around 0 and – 8 at night.
CdM_05.02.12_IMG_2880_d.JPG In contrast to the very grey day yesterday  we have a beautiful very bright sunny day today.
Yesterday I managed an hour’s walk hence the photos and the views here of CdM and the Vallee de Vere. Vallee_de_Vere_05.02.12_IMG_2887_d.JPG
The snow is thawing still lots though and the roads will be impassable tonight if it freezes to the predicted – 12 C.
This morning I could not open the shutters of my house, they were frozen!
Photo attached here of Rue Gambetta, my house is the one on your left.
Warm if not hot, cozy inside thank you Francoise my good friend and landlady.