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Featured Artists section of Winsor & Newton

Received by e mail today – Your profile is now published in the Featured Artists section of Winsor & Newton – great news! Why? Read on!

Your page is available at http://www.winsornewton.com/community/featured-artists/gordon-frickers/?lang=gb

Some great news fresh in today.
A small part of “The Grand Plan” falling into place.
I’d like you to be one of  first to know not because I wish to boast, simply because I’m so delighted I’d like to share with you.
You may of course be aware, Winsor & Newton are a state of the art company who have been making artists materials since about 1820 including for one of the greatest artists of all time, one of my great hero’s JMW Turner.
The page needs some refining. Main thing is it exists!
Meanwhile I have much painting and marketing of my art to get on with.
Including finding a buyer for the unique Olympic games “Going for Gold” painting of Ben Ainslie. Ben_Ainslie_gold_IMG_2444_d.JPG
I’m planning a visit to England with my car late April early May.
Dates will be settled very soon.