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Italian skipper blamed for cruise ship grounding.

Just in from my good friend George Wong ( George is ex Blue Funnel).
With regard to allegations that the Captain and crew abandoned the
Italian owned ship and their duties prematurely after hitting the rocks.It appears that Winston Churchill may have been correct in his
description of Italian cruise lines.
Upon losing the election after WWII, Churchill did what every other defeated politician does, he went on a paid speaking tour.
He was nervous about flying, and as a result, he always took cruise ships to speaking engagements abroad.
Curiously, he always sailed on an Italian owned cruise ship rather than the British run Cunard Lines.
When asked about this by the British media, he replied: Well, there are two reasons
for this.
One, the food, wine and entertainment is much, much better, and
two, in the event of sinking there is none of this women and children first
I was on the phone much of today trying to find galleries interested in selling my art – my least favourite occupation…
The fun part of today was working on a new Pickle painting and talking with a direct descendant of the Pickle’s commander.
Pickle is the ship in the painting “I have urgent dispatches“.
The new painting has thrown up some new information about HM Schooner Pickle, I love research!
My good friend Bob Brennan has also been very helpful with research including in Plymouth Naval Reference Library.
The new picture will be a calm weather study same format designed to make a pair.