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HM Schooner Pickle

A new painting of HMS Pickle is in preparation.

Approaching England HMS Pickle off Mounts Bay on course for Falmouth is in the later phase of sketch and research.   Pickle_sketch_3_10.01.12_IMG_2835_d.JPG

The painting results from new research.
HMS Pickle is based on a careful detailed examination of the 2  only pictures likely to have been overseen by her commander so a reliable eye witness.
This new painting, the most definitive portrait to date of HMS Pickle will show a calm misty early morning scene with a hint of St Michael’s Mount in the distance (I might change that to the Lizard) and is based on the known weather and track of HM Schooner Pickle as she approached Falmouth on November 4th 1805.

I’m painting it in part to make a pair with my well known “I have urgent dispatches” one of my most popular ‘Heritage’ prints.
I’ve not managed to find a copy of A. S, Oliver’s book “Boats and Boatbuilding in West Cornwall” or Edgar March’s book “Sailing Drifters”, much as I’d like them.
Living mostly in SW France has some drawbacks.
Now I have a near complete sketch of the proposed painting,
I’ll try and contact Tony Pawlyn a trustee of the National Maritime Museum Cornwall at Falmouth and Professor Jan Pentreath who i’m told has a fine collection of photographs of Cornish luggers.


I’d like to get the lugger details, rig, hulls, colour schemes as ‘right’ as possible so any assistance is much appreciated. If the picture is half as popular as “I have urgent dispatches” it will help spread interest in Cornish luggers.
Yesterday another copy of the renowned “I have urgent dispatches” was sold via this web site’s Print Gallery page using PayPal.
This copy of this well known HMS Pickle painting is going to Cornwall and will be beautifully remarqued.  72_dpi_dispatches_with_texts__1_.png