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Christmas tree left out in the cold

The Marche Noel of Castelnau de Montmiral originally intended to take place around the village Christmas tree in les Place des Arcardes was moved due to stress of weather to the Salle des Fetes .   Christmas_tree_CdM_IMG_2607_d.JPG

The Salle des Fetes is a popular venue for many occasions including wedding receptions.

In this event there were  enough  stalls to comfortably fill the Salle des Fetes many offering lovingly made local products including foods, cloths and children’s toys.

The same choir as seen and heard the previous evening re appeared to entertain with a different and still traditional selection of which one guest commented “I’ve not heard some of those carols since I left school”!   Carols_Salle_des_Fetes_IMG_2604_d.JPG