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A breath of fresh (Christmas) air

Pyrenees_IMG_2571_d.JPG The day started with one of the clearest views of the distant Pyrenees (said to be 100 miles away)  in recent years.

What did this foretell?      CCS_IMG_2573_d.JPG

For those interested in weather forecasting the clear air turned out to be a precedent for our share of the storms recently lashing Britain, Northern and Central France.

By mid afternoon we were experiencing winds gusting 60 kph showers and heavy showers.

For those interested in higher things than weather the day was destined to include the best Anglo French carol service so far seen at Castelnau de Montmiral.

In the comfortably warm church and packed to capacity, a visiting choir sang English and French carols with intermittent readings from the Old and New Testaments.

Soprano Alex Elizinga lent her professional experience with a solo and by encouraging and generally inspiring the choir.  CCS_IMG_2593_d.JPG

Suki Mirzoeff read a very modern poem (some what in the style of the Liverpool Poets) about Christmas and how we have been hood winked by commerce and really as the closing line put it,  CCS_IMG_2595_d.JPG“Christmas is all about love”.

French children from from near by schools including at Cordes contributed most charmingly with a candle parade and by singing carols in French and English.

After almost everyone adjourned to the Salle des Fetes for mulled wine, mince pies and a tombola all organised by the English community to raise funds for the church restoration.CCS_IMG_2598_d.JPG

Later some of the choir completed their evening with a meal ensemble at Les Arcardes in the centre of the village by which time the tempest having failed to stop the festivities or even to reduce the number of people attending this atmospheric event had subsided.