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Christmas carols are coming

Christmas and snow are coming to Castelnau de Montmiral, here is a pop up pic from last year.  CDM_Christmas_tree_IMG_0130_d.JPG

The soprano (Dutch) Alexandra Elizinga will be singing with an English choir at  an Anglo French carol service Friday the 16 th (19.00 ish) in the beautiful ancient church, a marvelous setting.

The following day, the 17 th is scheduled as a special market day, Marche de Noël and will include carols sung in the centre of the village beside the Christmas tree.

Some of the choir will dine in amicable companionship together after at the Place des Arcardes restaurant, a few tables remain free at the time of writing.

I have the good fortune to be invited to join these artists.

Snow is forecast for next week.

Castelnau de Montmiral  ‘almost’ had a white Christmas last year.

Castelnau de Montmiral has already been experiencing it’s first power cuts so it is time to check candles and winter fuel.

With few invitations over the season of fetes I expect to take advantage of the peace, few phone calls and emails, most shops shut,  and design some new paintings.

The house I live in has no heating so if the electricity fails so it is also time to think about improvising a plan ‘B’! Place_des_Arcardes_24.12.10_IMG_0126_d.JPG