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French breath

Dear Sir/Madam,

Road safety campaigner Chantal Perrichon welcomed the new measures as “going on the right road – I disagree, these are blanket measures which encroach on the freedoms of the responsible majority are anti social, unworkable and in some cases dangerous.

I write to you as a driver of some 42 years experience and with a clean licence.

I’m all for road safety, live long and prosper, paint beautiful pictures not roads with blood.

What is needed in both cases, drunk drivers and speeding is a serious in depth analysis of how where when why then a responsible targeting of the specific points.

Measures to bring in automatic speed reduction systems in cars – Given the current chaotic application of speed regulations and frequent changes to limits (which most GPS can’t keep up with) this is likely to be a complete waste of time and national resource.

It is likely to result in some drivers relying on the system while others won’t easily adapt or simply fail to anticipate the changes in traffic flow.

The only workable solution is driver education.

At present it is very to easy to get behind a wheel and drive.

DRIVERS will have to carry a breath test kit in their vehicles from next spring – for use when, who decides? Ahh well at least it will provide jobs making and selling the breath test kits …

An official said the breath test would be a “balloon into which you blow and which you need to have in your car or face a fine of €11.” – Blow when? Can we keep the balloons for Fetes?

Anti-start breath test monitors in each car. Drivers would have to blow into the machine – Given the above this is seriously over the top, an un necessary expense and imposition; a monster raving loony party idea?

From today, discos and clubs must have breath test machines available for customers to know if they have had too much to drive. – Who pays the clubs or the customers? How many balloons will the Police want us to inflate? Can the balloons be re cycled?

The introduction of new-generation radar – inevitable.

Motorcycle road deaths last year 24% of the deaths are on two-wheels when they make up just 2% of traffic.” – This looks as if the ‘normal’ motorist is being persecuted because no one has competently analysed how, where and to whom the death toll is occurring.

The president also said he was looking at creating a national day for road death victims. – Does this mean they must all die on the same day?

Sarkozy said speed cameras were not “easy budget boosters” and that all the money from fines was put back into road safety. – Where have we heard this before? Does anyone believe this? Ahh well at least it will provide jobs in admin…