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The Winsor and Newton, an honour and invitation

If this is of interest and you have time to help I’d appreciate your suggestions, thank you.

I have the honour of having been invited onto the Winsor and Newton web site.  Pyrenees_painting___GF_IMG_1864_d.JPG

Also Four questions have to be answered.

Included here is brief a summary of Winsor & Newton and advantages of being featured.

How will you be promoted on the Winsor & Newton site?
By being on our site, you will gain exposure to the thousands of artists and art trade people who visit our site daily.

We will feature you as a Winsor & Newton endorsed artist and your presence will allow you to raise your profile and promote your work and your website, in turn increasing your website’s visitor numbers.

We may even feature your work on our homepage and in our email newsletters”.

You may be aware, the company was founded in 1832, “and we take our relationship with the artist very seriously. Our founders, Henry Newton and William Winsor were involved with the leading artists of their time – J.M.W Turner for example – and to this day, we strive to keep up with the latest developments in the art world and take an active interest in what artists say”.

  1. Write a short paragraph about Gordon Frickers as an artist –
    (CV, art education, exhibitions, expertise, influences) 150-180 words.
  2. Write a short paragraph about my work – (style, subject matter, techniques, current projects, unique qualities, comparisons with other artists) 180-200 words.
  3. I am required to submit and upload 1 image of myself preferably at work in my studio and at least 3 of my work. – Any suggestions welcome in particular which pictures to offer and how many.
  4. They would love to hear what I think, could you finish this sentence.
    “I use Winsor & Newton because….”


*Indecently, I do and have since college used mostly Windsor and Newton materials.


“We are very proud of our featured artists and hope that once you are added to our site that you will keep in touch and let us know of any projects that you are working on”.

“Criteria for becoming a Featured Artist
All our Winsor & Newton Featured Artists are professional artists.

This is the main criteria and in order to submit your art work, you need to be a distinguished professional who uses Winsor & Newton materials”.

Phone Frickers: (UK) 01865 522435 (International) +44 1865 522435