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Fete_IMG_2216_d.JPGFete_IMG_2196_d.JPG “Famous Wine Villages of France”, a project inspired by French friends Joel and Marie Therese Linquette, as shown on this web site demonstrates my interest in wine goes back a long way project inspired by French friends Joel and Marie Therese Linquette.   Fete_IMG_2200_d.JPG

Yes it was a big fete in Gaillac, I am told the biggest party of this sort in France,  at the Salon des Expositions for the Gaillac Premeur wines, the new wines of this season.

Fete_IMG_2199_d.JPG I am told that at this the biggest premeur party in France and that the number of people attending was 50 % down on last year.  Fete_IMG_2203_d.JPG

Fete_IMG_2189_d.JPG The evening started accompanied by live rock music, sampling was free, a small charge was made for the accompanying foods which being France included oysters.  Fete_IMG_2250_d.JPG

A some what bizarre very entertaining brass band took over from the rock group and the evening became livelier with spontanious games and of course, later , dancing.

A good a chance to go with and meet French culture and French people at a particularly memorable event for a visitor.  HA_IMG_2235_d.JPG

I only saw one other English person present so it was also a chance to practice French!


The Famous Wine Villages of France project started with a list of 10 villages many in Bordeaux. I never got past Bordeaux, so much to see and experience there.

I would like to re start the project next year focusing on the villages and village life, starting at St Emilion or Sauternes. St_Emilion_IMG_1501_d.JPG