Hermione, la frigate de libertie

This evening I returned to Castelnau de Montmiral having been away 3 days to Rochefort and La Rochelle. Hermione_bow_IMG_2314_d.JPG
I went to look at the Hermione, an historic frigate replica (ship) building at Rochefort (the replica Frigate “Hermione” is known as la frigate de libertie) ) and for opportunities to sell my work at La Rochelle.

Fete_IMG_2216_d.JPGFete_IMG_2196_d.JPG “Famous Wine Villages of France”, a project inspired by French friends Joel and Marie Therese Linquette, as shown on this web site demonstrates my interest in wine goes back a long way project inspired by French friends Joel and Marie Therese Linquette.   Fete_IMG_2200_d.JPG

Yes it was a big fete in Gaillac, I am told the biggest party of this sort in France,  at the Salon des Expositions for the Gaillac Premeur wines, the new wines of this season.

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Wayfarer, restoration of a wooden boat

I am supposed to be a painter, marine painter, but everyone needs a way to relax so I have recently found time to begin the long process of stripping the old damaged epoxy from my wooden Wayfarer.  EV_13.11.11_IMG_2165_d.JPG
The most urgent problem is to find a secure dry place to winter store the vulnerable hull, any suggestions and or offer will be very welcome.

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