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Oncoming storm

Vente d’autume – Apart from worrying about world issues we have a rising gale here today. Scudding clouds and a threatening copper colour on the horizon.  Vente_d__Autume_IMG_2137_d.JPG

In sailors language that means winds force 6 to 7 gusting 8 or 30 to 40 kph, or in landlubbers parlez large branches on trees swaying, leaves flying as is anything light weight if you have a garden, plastic chairs for examples.

Could this be our first real rain since July?

The Tarn rarely experiences winds over force 6 so people here think this is windy.

The Tarn rarely has a wind from the South East however I’m told this wind like many others in S France has a name, she is Le Vente d’Autume and blowing well today I’m told all the way from the cote d’azur hence a mild 21 C today.

Of course this does drive everyone crazy because the wind causes frequent power electric surges and cuts.

The French can build the fabulous airbus, win in most sports (or be runners up in Rugby) build fabulous architecture, set fashions and lead the world in quality of living but can the have reliable elecricity, err, no.

This is of course especially bad news for sensitive electrical equipment like computers which hate power cuts and surges.

Surges and cuts  damage mother boards, cause loss of data and some times a crash or total shut down so if