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Gradually more people are discovering Castelnau de Montmiral.
The village although a bit ‘off the beaten track’ is becoming a more popular stop over including for vintage car and motor bike rallies.Bentley_cafe_IMG_1795_d.JPG
You may be aware I currently live mostly in the Tarn?

Today saw 4 large magnificent vintage Bentleys stop while their crew enjoyed a relaxed lunch.
All 4 cars were British, in glorious condition, at least one still sported its race number (8)  and all are a huge credit to the people who care for these magic monsters.  Bentley_visit_IMG_1792_d.JPG

Tarn = TARN = a province in the region Midi Pyrenees.
Easily miss read if using Times New Roman script.
The Tarn gets less publicity than the mountainous regions of Midi Pyrenees.
It has very beautiful country side, peaceful, farmed and forested, hills and plains teeming with wild life and hard working farmers producing a rich variety of foods, wines and herbs.
The Tarn enjoys a long history and active cultural life partly based on Occitan culture which pre dates the French dominance of today.
As in most sunny parts of Europe, North Europeans have driven up house prices and many retire here.
The English are probably the most numerous and least popular after the Arabs because the majority of retirees and semi retired contribute so little and while most speak some French most don’t understand the etiquette.
The amiable local people do never the less make all but the most disagreeable feel very welcome.
The Tarn is a healthy place, people generally live 10 years longer here than the European average, despite the majority smoking, an active out door life style, good food and wine probably help.
The Tarn is so remote many of the older inhabitants first language is Occitan not French and even the French have only in the last 10 years started visiting here as tourist.
The middle ages are alive and well flourishing in the Tarn.
The largest town is Albi, a beautiful UNESCO World Heritage city divided by the river Tarn and home to the Societie Laperouse who was the French answer to Captain James Cook, a magnificent Toulouse Lautrec Museum and with a lively cultural life.

It is not where I’d most like to be, very few clients around here, but needs must, we have the Internet and the light is good for painting.
I’m working today on a commission, a long narrow picture, 2000 x 500 cms of the Pyrenees at dusk as seen from this area, some 100 km distant.