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America's Cup and painting

Another hot day here in the Tarn as September runs down into October, leaves are falling and the wine harvest has started 2 to 3 weeks early.
Broke half a tooth on a cashew nut last week, one ‘at the back’ so dentist this afternoon for me, yuk.
Still, working on a big new painting this morning, and of course, chasing business.

How goes the America’s Cup?

Is it good spectator sport? I was very tempted to return to Plymouth to paint the America’s Cup event.

However I could not find a way of justifying the 5 or 6 hundred pounds it would cost for me to return to Plymouth for the America’s Cup although Bob Brennan and I did speak with Plymouth City Council officials, the Lord Mayor and the America’s Cup publicity team.

A bit disappointing, we suggested we might do something along the lines of the work I did for Yachting World.

A  watercolour (aquerrelle) painting was produced of the winning boat on the same day.

Then a full on oil painting for presentation at a prestigious occassion, special dinner, London Boat show, some thing like that.

We also offered to be official artist for the City of Plymouth and to give the city a commemorative painting, again this idea lead into a cul de sac.

my friend Tim Thompson is THE America’s Cup artist, magnificent paintings.