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The picture is titled 'After Sunset'

August 03, 2011 7:39 A.M. Mike Robbins started the following correspondence hoping I could identify a painting possibly by the “Cornish” artist W.A. Frickers.
Mike generously concluded with “I’m really glad to have made the connection and found you thanks to the wonders of the Internet. Your works are simply fantastic, and your website is a joy to visit. All the very best to you for the future”.
This tale is reproduced with his kind permission, enjoy:
We have just acquired what appears to be oil on canvas board painting, signed W.A Frickers.

Can you please advise of any connection and perhaps help with dating.
Thanking You for your kind attention.
Mike Robins
Good morning Mike Robins,
I’ll try and help.

You have not given much information to work with.
A photograph and dimensions would help as would knowing the subject matter and any history of the painting which you might have.
Signed W A Frickers suggests a connection; this is likely to be the work of Mrs. Winifred Ann Frickers known friends as Ann, now deceased, my mother.
Kind regards,
Gordon Frickers
Many Thanks indeed for your prompt response.

It would be wonderful if there was a connection, the work is, in my humble opinion, done by a very capable artist.

It measures approx 26 x 15 ins, I have attached a picture, perhaps this would help you to identify it.
Again, many Thanks.
Mike Robins
Greetings Mike,
I can’t quite make out the signature from your photo.  WAF_3.JPG
I did not know all my mother’s paintings so can’t be 100% sure however it looks like one of hers.
Kind regards,
Gordon Frickers
Hello Gordon,
Me again, you may recall that I mailed you last week regarding a picture I had just acquired which I thought may have some connection with your good self.

Well, I have received the painting today, and like it very much, and it would indeed appear to have been painted by your Mum. WAF_1.JPG

I have attached some pictures, you will note on the rear there is the name and an address in Carlyon Bay, the picture is titled ‘After Sunset’.

Did your Mum produce much work?

Would you have any idea as to when this work was done.

It was sold to me as being a scene from Carlyon Bay, however I cannot recognise the view, again, any ideas?
I hope you don’t mind me contacting you, and again Thank You in advance for any information you maybe able to provide.
Kindest Regards
Mike Robins
G’day Mike,
Thanks for the attachments.
No problem re contacting me, you are welcome.
Nice story, would you mind if I add this to my blog with your photos?
Yes that is my mother’s signature and I am fairly sure I recall her showing me this painting partly because it is so unusual.  WAF_2.JPG
“Did your Mum produce much work?” – a relative term; she painted for some 30 years, first when she lived at Beckenham, Kent, latterly at Carlyon Bay, as an amateur.
After he retired so did my Father.
Both had a life long interest in the visual arts, painting in particular, and knew some distinguished artists, the portrait painter Jerry de Rose being one.
Mum painted mostly flowers and landscapes.
I can only guess at how many, maybe some 20 a year on average for 25 years.
Her pictures proved popular, many selling locally for 100 to 300 pounds.
A few of her paintings were quite exploratory, this being a good example.
For what it is worth I think her best work especially her floral pictures were very good and one day could be worth much more.
I guess this picture was painted in the mid 1990’s.
The scene is a view of St Austell Bay based on one of my Father’s photographs, probably taken near Pentwean.

The view reminds me of my time living at Polmear Parc behind Par beach, happy days…
Kind regards,
Hello Gordon,
Thanks again for coming back to me and the insight into your Mums work.

You are more than welcome to use the photos in whatever form or medium you wish.

I like the picture very much (even more now I know where it is!), and photos do not do it justice.
So, you used to be a local boy, living in Par? It’s a great part of the world, I lived in St. Austell for 25 years, until work took me away, only up the road to Liskeard, but I would like to return to live in St. Austell again sometime soon (even though some things have changed, and not necessarily for the better!)
I’m really glad to have made the connection and found you thanks to the wonders of the Internet.

Your works are simply fantastic, and your website is a joy to visit.
All the very best to you for the future.