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Fete de musique de Castelnau de Montmiral

This week end is a long vacation for most of France. CdM_fete_IMG_1660_d.JPG

A national holiday celebrated at Castelnau de Montmiral with free music, dance, a special open air market all day on Monday and of course good food and drink.

CdM_fete_IMG_1675_d.JPG The week end sets sail this warm evening, still 24 C at 23.00 hrs, with party time under a full moon on the Esplanade.

The village is charmingly illuminated with fairy lights, people have been preparing the village rated as one of Les beaux village de France for days. CdM_fete_IMG_1680_d.JPG

CdM_feteIMG_1678_d.JPG The evening and festivities start with live music, dancing and a relaxed atmosphere attracting all ages from the youngest too the oldest, tout ensemble.

This first evening the music is mostly local and ‘French rock’.

The event attracts particularly young people from all over the region giving them some thing to look forward to and focus on.

The young in this region feel many of the frustrations expressed world wide today by young people including the rioters in Britain which the Cameron Con-Dem government is busy totally miss understanding.

At least here it is easier to have some fun, entry is free so relax, enjoy each others company, under a full moon on a balmy evening…  CdM_fete_IMG_1682_d.JPG

A big stick approach will only drive the disadvantaged people’s problem underground to re emerge in an even more violent form later.

The bottom line is unacceptable to the Con-Dem government, so alien and unacceptable they don’t even know what it is,  and it is that the rich and wealthy are not doing enough, no where near enough, to support the less gifted and less fortunate.

Same old problem Reganism, Thatcherism, I’m all right Jack ism verses … Liberty, Egality, Fraternity.

Rioters are people, mostly not clever, lucky or well educated,  all are seriously confused and p****d off.


No one is taking the rioters aside and asking, what do you think life has to offer? CdM_fete_IMG_1699_d.JPG

What would you like, have you thought about how you might achieve your aspirations and what is blocking your route?

In common they have a sense of being left out, few jobs, fewer prospects and almost no chance of ever owning their own home.

Sentiments expressed in places as far apart in space and culture as England, Israel (were students are peacefully demanding the government address the cost of living and in particular house prices) and of course in may Muslim countries in what has become known as ‘The Arab Spring‘.

We are not lucky here at CdM, well maybe a bit however it is our choice to live here and the French do still aim for Liberty, Egality and Fraternity.  CdM_fete_IMG_1693_d.JPG

Wish you were here, you could be?

Now, where is my dance partner?CdM_fete_IMG_1701_d.JPG