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The Fete de Vaour, a riot solution.

If you like music, dance, theatre, picnics and beautiful sunsets The Fete de Vaour could be the place for you. Fete_de_vaour_IMG_1631_d.JPG

This renowned mini Woodstock event started life not long after the student riots in France during the late 1960’s

The atmosphere amicable, very relaxed with people of all ages attending.

Parking is easy, as is local accommodation which includes camping. Fete_de_vaour_IMG_1636_d.JPG

The story goes as follows.

The French government took many of the malcontents from Paris, gave them tents and dumped them in the forests of Vaour telling them to ‘get on with it’.

The settlers, now in a third generation generated this renowned party time, the fete de Vaour. Fete_de_Vaour_IMG_1630_d.JPG