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Marine print sales

Trafalgar Dawn the French Perspective” http://frickers.co.uk/marine-art/trafalgar_dawn_french_perspective.html and Rhoda Mary and Katie Cluett, a dispute settled” http://frickers.co.uk/marine-art/dispute_settled.html, one copy of each sold via the web site so a busy day today preparing them. trafalgar_french_all.jpg

This was the first copy of “Trafalgar Dawn the French Perspective” to be sold and very appropriately to the person who gave me the most encouragement to paint this awesome scene.

A_dispute_settled_IMG_3489_1_d.JPG “Rhoda Mary and Katie Cluett, a dispute settled” will be going to a descendant of one of the captains of the elegant schooner Katie Cluett.

Much of the story of there 2 beautiful schooners, reputedly the fastest of their breed,  can be found in our Marine Gallery, merchant sail.

on the further reading page Trafalgar Dawn the French Perspective” is the opposite view to the now quite famous “Trafalgar Dawn” which I painted while the only artist ever to work officially for HMS Victory.

See: http://frickers.co.uk/marine-art/trafalgar_dawn.html

Print No 1 is going framed to KP  an officer in the Royal Navy whom I first got to know in 2005.

He asked me to supply a framed copy of “I have urgent dispatches” complete with the rather spendid Seahawk mess Trafalgar night dinner menu.

http://frickers.co.uk/marine-art/urgent_dispatches.html .dispatches_with_texts__1_.png

This for the officers mess, HMS Seahawk, Royal Naval Air Station Culdrose, for the Admirals to present to Princess Anne, the Princess Royal.

This was in appreciation of her role supporting the 2005 Trafalgar commemoration and re enactment of the Trafalgar News reaching London via HMS Pickle and from Falmouth by coach to the Admiralty in London.

By great good fortune we were able to give the Princess Royal copy number one thus it is all the more appropriate that KP has copy No 1 of “Trafalgar Dawn the French Perspective”.

KP has been a good friend ever since including organising an exhibition at RNAS Culdrose from which we sold some 30 prints.

KP is very enthusiastic about ‘The Art of Gordon Frickers‘ saying “good marine military pictures are hard to get” and has frequently been so kind as to recommend my work to his colleagues.

He has also given me much encouragement and some of the drive needed to produce this awesome historical piece which ia about as close as we will ever get to seeing the event through French eyes on that fateful morning, Monday the 21t of October 1805 seen hear at approximately 06.20.

I pleasing touch on the margin of the pictures is a printed remaque from one of my working drawings showing the British fleet and naming each individual ship.

Thus if you are a descendant of a Trafalgar man you will be able to find your ancestor’s ship.

The positioning of the ships is as accurate as anyone is likely to get, the result of years of research and included correcting the official accounts!

All the accounts of the officers of the combined fleet agree the British fleet of Nelson was not in regular order.

My research confirms this hence the distribution and distance off of the British Fleet of Nelson.

In fact Nelson’s ships were in very roughly 4 columns.

I used numerous sources and many sketches to establish the facts as best possible, maybe some day I should write the story of how it was done more fully?

Thus we are among the first to see again the British fleet at first light on a day when they changed world history.

A day that was not the end of the Emperor Napoleon but the beginning of the end of Napoleon.