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Grand Plan

As of last Sunday I am looking in more detail at the way ahead following the exhibition at the European Parliament and the 3 previous years repositioning..
Top priority for The Art of Gordon Frickers now is what a friend has called this a “Grand Plan“; I like the double meaning, the hint of Wallis and Gromit, and the some what Napoleonic sense of scale implied so Grand Plan it is.
To begin to get a return on my last 4 years of repositioning, investment and suffering for Art, ideally before I go broke or die, like soon!
There are considerable opportunities for an investor, the maths look good; it’s not unlike a cunning plan but as the name implies, grander.
I’ve been quite busy here since getting back from England with trying to catch up on some 350 emails, writing up my blog with photos and driving my business forward.
The weather has been wet, lots of rain and cool, only 14 C this morning, that is cold for the Tarn in July!
The latter work includes beginning to write The “Grand Plan” for the way ahead.
Our initial math’s suggests an investor would get a 20 to 30 % return over 4 years, maybe more.
That is of course much better than any bank or regular business can offer.

Plus they get to participate in an unusual and exciting business venture which offers the possibility of running via copy rights, for generations.

Not many businesses can do that these days!
Obviously I have invested heavily in my work for 30 + years including large amounts of my own money and time so really the risks are quite small for an investor because I have not done this expecting to fail!
It means big things like looking for an international agent and new web site solutions too details like day to day promoting and planning, servicing emails and clients.
We already have one serious enquire so I must push on with writing the Grand Plan as quickly and clearly as possible.

Its quite fun and exciting to think that at last everything I have done will be put to serious tests in the market place.
So there you are, a glimpse into the life of a real artist.

Next I’m off to do some less exciting things like have a repair made to my car.
Some Arab looking felon hit my car on the Bordeaux periferique last week and did not stop, I blogged that to including a photo of the bastards car.
I need a haircut, to by food so will go to Albi and this eveing intend to go out for some live music and dance at Domaine Barry.
As part of this I am looking for information on successfully marketed artists, if you have any you can help, become a friend, by copying it or the link to me, thanks.
I looked at http://artbistro.monster.com and ran into an all to common problem.
I have just written to them as follows:
Your sign in route put me off signing in and becoming a member…
I have made time to email you here though.
My sympathies, we some times have problems with our web site.
I am currently looking at solutions for a more reliable web site, hmmm…

However I entirely agree blogging helps. If it does not work for you, you should reconsider how and what you are blogging.
I regard my blog (www.frickers.co.uk/blog) as an essential part of my web site. It is time consuming however in many ways helps keep me focused and has certainly contributed to some sales.
I am constantly surprised by how many people I meet who have heard of me and that means world wide.
In Spain I met people from Italy who use my site for educational purposes, in France, Australians and so on. One never knows who is reading it and yes it often feels as if no one does but if the content is sincere and pics good it will develop a following so good luck with yours.
By the way I am now looking for advance marketing solutions having gone as far as I can alone.
You will be able to follow the story guess where ~ yep, on my blog.
I’ve been painting full time for some 30 + years and in May 2011 joined the elite rare group of painters invited to exhibit at the European Parliament and yes the story is on my blog!
Gordon Frickers